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Athletic Sibilings Enjoy Socializing With Friends Dontae and Delores have no trouble making new friends as they are both polite to anyone they meet. These two siblings stay work off their extra energy by participating in sports in their community. Future Foodie Loves Louisiana Cooking D'Quincy is a 15 year old who named eating as one of his favorite activities. When it comes to food, D'Quincy loves Louisiana's Cajun cuisine. He named crawfish, gumbo, and shrimp creole as just a few of his favorites. When not eating Cajun cuisine, he enjoys typical teenage foods like pizza, burgers and fried chicken. He works off his excess calories with tree climbing.
Three Diva Sisters Love to Sing These three little divas are looking for a family that will honor their desire to stay together. Jamiya, Destiny and Tatyana would benefit from a family who lives in a community with other children their age. Confident Pre-teen Never Shies Away From Compliments Twelve year old Saphire loves being the center of attention. This pre-teen believes in "girl power" as she proudly walks into any room with confidence. There is never a day that Saphire will turn down a shopping trip or getting her nails done. She also never shies away from compliments on her attire.
Artistic Teen Hopes to Play Dodgeball Professionally McKinley is a sharp 14 year old who loves to draw! He describes himself as calm and easy to get along with. He also enjoys reading, playing chest and checkers, and watching television. McKinley is quite the social butterfly, as he can hold a conversation with a complete stranger. His other hobbies include cooking, baking, and any type of crafts. Two Teens Love Vacationing Emerald, 13, and Jade, 12, look forward to being part of a family who enjoys sports, board and card games, and taking family vacations. Emerald has no lack of self-esteem, as she describes herself as smart, friendly, and fun. Jade is a bit more modest, as she just describes herself as smart. When asked what their favorite restaurant is, both girls responded without hesitation that it is Taco Bell.
Three Energetic Teens are Always on the Go This sibling group of three is constantly on the go. In their free time, they enjoy getting together with friends and family. Cersten is an upbeat 15 year old who loves to sing. She is taking art lessons because she loves to draw and paint. She is creative and expresses herself through her art. Cersten is affectionate and enjoys spending time with family and friends. She may be shy and quiet at first, but she opens up after getting to know you. Self-confident 10-year-old Loves Shooting Hoops DeShaun is an active 10 year old who describes his ideal family as one that enjoys sports and has other children. He also added that he'd like to be the youngest of the children in the home. DeShaun is self-confident, as he comfortably describes himself as handsome and athletic. His favorite activities are swimming and shooting hoops on the basketball court with friends.
Inseparable Trio Love Exploring and Having Fun This sibling group of three will guarantee that there is never a dull moment. Gene, Devin and Dakiela are inseparable and want an adoptive family who is willing to keep them together. All three are active with individual personalities who love learning, exploring and having fun! Lively 10-year-old is a Young Artist in the Making Aside from looking adorable, 10-year-old Brent is tender-hearted and sweet to the core. Brent has a lively personality and enjoys being the center of attention. He loves drawing and coloring and takes his crafts very seriously. The people in Brent's life, who encourage his interest in art, maintain that his drawing ability could materialize into a career as an illustrator when he is older.
Thirteen-year-old Brian Longs for a Home with a Canine Companion Brian is a 13-year-old middle schooler. While school is not Brian's favorite hang out, he does enjoy computer class above all the other subjects. Brian is not yet sure about what he wants to be when he grows up, but it could have something to do with animals. Brian loves dogs and would love a pet-loving family that will take time to help Brian decide what he likes to do most. Brian is a picky eater, but like most pre-teens his age, he loves to eat pizza and hotdogs. 11-year-old Dale Aspires To Be a Country Singer, Loves Dogs Eleven year old Dale is quite the comedian, and the adults in his life enjoy his company because they know they will get a good laugh. He likes to play board games and learn new things.
Pizza Loving Brothers Enjoy Caring for Animals Daniel and Trevor are easy-going, polite and friendly siblings who love to socialize and enjoy outdoor activities. These two brothers enjoy spending time together, and would love a family who is interested in keeping them together. Fifth-Grade Cheerleader Loves Cats and Reading Autum’s beautiful smile and charming nature have a way of capturing those in her presence. She is a dedicated pet lover and is particularly fond of cats. She enjoys the cuddling and loyalty that cats provide. This 10 year old is a fire ball of energy as she enjoys cheerleading, jumping and running. Autum also likes basketball and doesn't mind playing against the boys.
Outgoing 12-year-old is Always a Teacher's Favorite There is no stopping this outgoing 12-year-old. HT is a happy child who loves school, watching cartoons, playing outside and doing anything fun. He enjoys the great outdoors and constantly being on the go. He finds satisfaction in being able to accomplish tasks independently.  

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